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Car Parking Management

We have over 25 years’ experience managing car parks and helping clients maximise profits and reduce stress.

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Need To Pay?

Pay a parking charge, buy a season ticket, find a car park, book your car parking space and more.

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Working in Partnership

We’ll transform your empty land into a car park so you can start generating an income.

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BPA Approved Car Park Operators

Based in Dorset, Britannia Parking has been establishing and managing successful car parks for over 25 years. We have worked with a wide variety of clients and manage over 800 car parks across the UK, including multi-storey, small and large surface car parks and park and rides. Thanks to our honest, personalised and technology driven approach, we have earned an outstanding reputation throughout the industry.

We specialise in helping investors, landowners and agents transform underperforming or redundant land into profitable car parks and can provide a complete range of services and solutions, from installing ANPR systems and pay and display machines to developing a new car park, plus much more.

Often, we can provide our services with no financial investment from the client and offer free, no obligation and confidential site surveys.

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Working With You To Generate Income From Your Land

If you have empty or redundant land, we can transform it into a profitable car park with our tailor-made approach. Our experienced team will take care of everything - it usually requires no investment or effort from you and you take an income from our capital expenditure.

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Case Studies
Car Park Management for BH2 Car Park, Bournemouth

Find out how Britannia worked alongside the tenants of the BH2 Entertainment complex in Bournemouth to bring increased footfall and profitability

ANPR for Harpers Steakhouse, Southampton

Find out how we helped Harper's Steakhouse to gain back control of their car park through ANPR technology

Red Funnel ANPR Car Park Solution

We provided a car parking solution for each of Red Funnel’s five car parks

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Can Private Car Park Management Companies Enforce Fines? (UK)
18th July 2024
Owning a private car park means dealing with rulebreakers - people who overstay their welcome, park in restricted zones, forget to pay, and more. Issuing penalties is key to deterring these infractions, but rules around this can be a bit confusing.
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The Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Car Park Management System for Your Car Park
21st June 2024
Effective car park management will help you turn your land or existing car park into a profitable and viable business. However, implementing the right car park management system for your car park will be pivotal to your success.
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What Is a Car Park Management Plan?
31st May 2024
There's a lot that goes into running a good car park. You need to juggle everything from layout design to finding the perfect payment system, all to keep users happy and profits flowing. This is where a Car Park Management Plan (CPMP) comes in. It's your roadmap to a smooth parking operation, tackling strategies for space usage, allocation, control, and overall efficiency. The ultimate goal? Maximised profits and a better parking experience for everyone.
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Why You Should Choose a BPA-Approved Company to Manage Your Car Park
12th March 2024
Keeping your car park running smoothly is vital for any business but managing it on your own can be a big undertaking. That's where car park management companies come into play - they take care of all the admin, so you can focus on other aspects of your business. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the right one?
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