Managed car parks

Glossary of Terms

To help you understand all areas of Britannia’s car park management services, we’ve compiled a glossary of key terms. To learn more, please get in touch with us.


ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition. ANPR systems use the latest camera technology to capture number plates even in areas with poor visibility. While working alongside automatic exit barriers, ANPR systems offer customers a more streamlined experience.  

Car park development

For landowners who have an unused plot of land that’s not making them any money, car park development could be a profitable option. This refers to the process of designing and building a car park, the specifications of which will be tailored to best suit the land, potential customers and the local area.

Car park management

Car park management encompasses everything from day-to-day operations and security to regular reporting that aids and informs wider strategic planning and marketing decisions.  

Number plate recognition system

A number plate recognition system (ANPR) is a useful tool for car park management. By capturing the number plate of every car that accesses your car park, ANPR provides irrefutable evidence that can be used in the event of any parking charge disputes.

Parking charge

If a customer parks obstructively, in an unauthorised area, or for longer than the maximum stay duration, a parking charge can be issued. This is a parking charge that the customer must pay within an allocated period of time. All Britannia parking charges are legally enforceable.

Private car park management

Privately managed car parks are those that are run by individuals or private companies rather than local councils. 


Reporting is included within Britannia’s car park management service. Accessible via a central dashboard, Britannia reports contain details on transactions, occupancy levels, dwell times, repeat vs new visitors, and revenue.   

Self-ticketing car park management

A self-ticketing service provides a quick and simple way for car park owners and operators to issue parking charges to offending vehicles. This will help to eradicate obstructive and unauthorised parking. 


Our car park signage covers everything a customer needs to know, including pay point information, maximum stay restrictions and parking charge warnings. All our signage is British Parking Association (BPA) compliant.

If you have questions about any of the terms you come across on our website, please get in touch with the friendly Britannia team today.