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Smart ANPR:
Streamlining Parking
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ANPR Systems for Car Parks

Britannia Parking has designed, installed, and managed ANPR car park systems for over 25 years, making us one of the UK's leading and most established ANPR parking management companies. Thanks to our ANPR car parking systems, we turn spare or unmonetised land into profit, while also giving the public and staff members secure places to park their car.

Partnering with private landowners, councils, and agents, we provide ANPR car parking systems for airports, council car parks, and private businesses such as supermarketspubs and hotels. With big names like Red Funnel, Liverpool Victoria, Lush, and Greene King pubs in our portfolio, we are a trusted partner – and one of the biggest ANPR parking management system providers in the UK. With the help of an ANPR system, we helped to turn a temporary car park in Poole into a permanent one.    

If you’d like a company to design, install, or manage your ANPR parking solution, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today.

ANPR car park system camera
camera for ANPR systems for car parks

What does our ANPR Parking Management System include?

Our own ANPR car park system uses the very latest camera technology to capture number plates even in poor visibility, and has already been installed in many locations across the UK. Every ANPR parking system we install is designed around your unique requirements. Our complete solutions can include:

  • Installing our innovative ANPR cameras
  • 24/7 management
  • Central monitoring from our 24/7 control room
  • A number of different payment options – tickets, app, phone etc.
  • Issuing of charges for parking offences
  • British Parking Association (BPA) compliant signage
  • Reporting and account management

ANPR Car Park Management Services

In addition to designing and installing ANPR car park systems, Britannia Parking provides ANPR car park management services. As part of our management service, we ensure that your car park system is operating as effectively and as profitably as possible. As part of this service we can:

  • Ensure high tech ANPR cameras are installed
  • Provide manned patrols
  • Provide 24/7 management
  • Install CCTV cameras
  • Provide reports on car park usage and financials to ensure profitability

In addition to ANPR car park management services, Britannia Parking can provide:

  • Traditional pay and display parking
  • Live tracking of car park capacity

ANPR camera system for car park

ANPR Parking Systems: the Benefits

When you choose an ANPR parking solution from Britannia Parking, you can expect to benefit from the following:

  • A profitable piece of land that brings in extra cash
  • A profitable piece of land that manages itself – you can be completely hands off
  • An adaptable ANPR system that you can change with the seasons
  • Our parking reservation system, so people can easily book and pay for their space
  • Fine handling for people who don’t pay
  • A secure car park that attracts season ticket holders

If you think these ANPR car park system benefits sound good to you, why not get in touch with Britannia Parking today? Our team will be able to discuss your requirements and recommend the right package for your needs. We go into more detail about the benefits of ANPR car park systems in our blog. 


Have some questions about ANPR systems? We answer some of the top queries below.

ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition. Using cameras and character recognition, the technology reads vehicle number plates without human intervention.

ANPR cameras automatically read number plates, recording a vehicle’s entry and exit into a car park. If someone has already paid online, the ANPR system will be able to read the number plate, send it to a database, and signal for the barrier to open. It can also detect if the system hasn’t received a payment from a vehicle, making it easy to monitor payments and fines.

ANPR systems are generally very accurate, with recognition rates exceeding 95% in ideal conditions. The accuracy can be affected by factors such as the quality of the camera image, the lighting conditions, and the type of licence plate being scanned. However, most modern ANPR systems are designed to capture high-quality images and continue to function effectively even in low visibility situations, so this is less of an issue than it used to be with older models.

ANPR offers several benefits for car park operators, including:

  • Improved efficiency: ANPR automates entry and exit processes, reducing queues and wait times.
  • Enhanced security: ANPR helps prevent unauthorised vehicles from accessing the car park.
  • Accurate billing: ANPR ensures accurate parking fees are charged based on actual usage.
  • Contactless payment: Integration with payment systems allows for seamless contactless payments.
  • Data collection: ANPR data can provide insights into car park usage patterns, helping you optimise ticket prices and space allocation.

The cost of an ANPR system depends on a number of factors, including the size of the car park, the specifications of the camera technology you require, and any ongoing management. Britannia Parking will be able to provide you with a tailored quote for your requirements, which will include the cost of any equipment and installation. If you would like a quote to start monetising your land, send us a message via our online contact form.

An ANPR camera carries out optical character recognition, which means it takes a photo of your license plate, sends it to its recognition software, and then passes on your number plate details to the relevant software for processing. It means car park owners can see who’s using the car park and how regularly. It also means vehicles that have paid can be automatically admitted and vehicles that haven’t paid can be caught on exit.