3 Ways a car park management company can increase your profits

Car park management company

We explain how working with a car park management company to operate your private car park can streamline processes and increase your profits. 

Increase scope for enforcing parking charges

Our car park management service can include the installation of an ANPR camera system, which uses state-of-the-art technology to capture number plates even in poor visibility. ANPR systems are a popular choice among car park owners as they help to facilitate the enforcement of rules and restrictions. 

If a visitor outstays their welcome and a parking charge notice is issued, ANPR cameras provide irrefutable proof in the event of the charge being challenged. They can also reduce costs for operations staff and provide accurate head counts to help you track your car park’s performance. 

Improve your marketing with regular reporting

We provide detailed reporting as part of our management service, which can help identify areas for growth and inform marketing decisions. Our comprehensive suite of reports is delivered through a central dashboard, offering the convenience of having all the information you need in one place. 

We capture a huge amount of data on parking activity, including transactions (payment methods, time of payments and duration bands), occupancy levels throughout the day and night, dwell times and repeat vs new visitors, as well as total and average revenue per day and per transaction. This data is then packaged up into useful reports that can be customised and provided daily, weekly or monthly to suit your needs. 

Cut down on illegal parking

A combination of proper signage and 24/7 surveillance can help to prevent illegal parking, freeing up spaces for paying customers. We offer the option of both manned patrols and CCTV (monitored 24/7), for peace of mind that your car park is safe and secure at all times. This also means you’ll waste far less time and resources tackling problems like vandalism or other illegal activity.

A car park that has a reputation for being safe and secure is also one that visitors are much more likely to return to!

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