5 Best Ways to Prevent Crime in Your Business' Car Park

underground car park ANPR

Car parks are often located in remote areas that are hidden from public view. This can make them an attractive target for thieves and vandals, whether they’re looking to break into cars, deface walls, or carry out other illicit activities.

Fortunately, there are several steps you can put in place to deter criminals from operating in your business car park. This will help to protect your staff, customers, and property, and make sure your car park doesn’t get a bad reputation.

Here are the 5 best ways to prevent crime in your business’ car park:

1. Ample Lighting

When people feel seen, they are less likely to break the law. Ensuring that your car park is well lit is a simple way to make criminals feel like their actions are being monitored. Use bright LED lights that turn on automatically when it gets dark, and make sure that every corner of the car park is covered.

2. Clear Signage

Provide clear signage that details the rules of the car park, how they are enforced, and the repercussions for breaking them. If people think they might get caught and fined by CCTV or a manned patrol, they’re much less likely to stick around in the first place.


If there’s one thing criminals hate more than being seen, it’s being recorded. Installing CCTV cameras in your business car park will help prevent criminal activity. Ensure that the cameras cover all areas of the car park and that there are no blind spots. Even if you don’t have time to man the cameras yourself, companies like Britannia Parking can monitor your cameras 24/7.

If any criminal activity does take place, CCTV will help capture the registration plates and faces of the individuals involved, which you can then pass onto the police.

4. Manned Patrols

Criminal activity often takes place in car parks because criminals don’t think anyone is around - this is particularly true in business car parks outside of trading hours. Having a manned patrol in place will deter potential lawbreakers, meaning there is no period when the area is left unguarded.

As part of the Britannia Parking package, business owners have access to on-site manned security.

5. ANPR Technology

If people are driving into your car park and parking illegally, outstaying their welcome, or getting involved in criminal activity, ANPR technology will help to deter and catch them.

ANPR stands for automatic number plate recognition and will record the plates of vehicles that enter your car park. The technology will keep track of the vehicles and the duration of their stay.

Britannia’s ANPR parking system provides 24/7 monitoring and charges issued for any vehicles breaking the car park’s regulations.

Use a Professional Service

The best way to prevent crime in your business’ car park is to employ a professional service. They’ll be able to roll out a range of the above security solutions, helping ensure the safety of your customers, their property, and your staff.

At Britannia Parking, we have over 25 years of experience managing car parks across the UK; we offer a wide range of expert services including ANPR technology, manned patrols and CCTV.

Get in touch to find out how we can increase security in your business’ car park. Fill out our contact form and a member of our expert team will get back to you.