hotel car park management

 A large proportion of the eight hundred car parks that Britannia Parking operate throughout the UK are within the hospitality industry - pubs, bars, restaurants, and takeaways, along with a number of independent, boutique and chain hotels.

“We often find that a single establishment will contact us first to resolve an immediate issue such as non-patrons using up spaces or people not paying fees” explains Paula Snowdon, Chief Commercial Officer of Britannia Parking.

Being able to work closely with each hospitality client on an individual basis allows Britannia to suggest a bespoke solution tailored to suit their requirements.  Whilst their user-friendly and low maintenance reliable parking solutions, service and overall operation may appear to be the same, clients tell Britannia time and time again that it is their attention to detail and personal approach to the partnership that makes the difference.

Paula explains: “This can often include bringing in our Client Services Team with their very honest and open approach to how they deal with the motorists who do not abide with the terms and conditions of parking on a client’s land or our Operations and Installation teams being flexible on the way they work with the client.”

“In today’s marketplace, we realise that our clients need to manage their customer care more than ever as it is critical to their recovery and growth. That means making sure that their customers have an enjoyable stay and they make the most of all facilities available, with car parking provision being key.  For example, if there are a reduced number of parking spaces available for hotel guests who wish to use the car park, this will undoubtedly impact on so many areas including service levels, income and customer satisfaction.”

The car park management solutions Britannia can offer hospitality sector businesses can help to increase the site’s revenue whilst also removing the inherent problem by using clear signage, easy payment options (including cashless payment) and greater footfall.  With Britannia’s advice, some establishments, which have a large car park area have been able to section off areas for non-hotel guests so they can offer chargeable parking as a way of increasing footfall. 

“We appreciate that each venue and site will be different, and our tailored approach means that we evaluate each individually but the immediate benefit of using our management solutions often means the hotel can ensure the customer’s experience of their establishment is beyond their expectations.”

If you are experiencing a car park issue and would like to explore how Britannia can help, please contact us for more information.