What is the Parking Code of Practice?

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At Britannia Parking, we are hugely experienced in the management of both public and private car parks, helping our clients to optimise their assets effectively while improving the car parking experience for everyone.

We have over 25 years in the industry, meaning we have seen all there is to see regarding car parks and their varying details.

It can be difficult for owners of private car parking facilities to effectively optimise their facilities, as this takes the investment of time, money and patience that they don’t necessarily have.

Read on to find out more about the Parking Code of Practice, as well as how our services can help you take control of your car park’s income.

Parking Code of Practice Details

Enacted in 2019, the Parking Code of Practice sets out the standards for how a privately owned car park should be managed by its owner, whether that be a business, a person or other organisation that has dedicated this space for use by a specific group of vehicles.

It also details the responsibilities of drivers, and their code of conduct should they decide to use the private car parking facilities.

As found on the government website, here are the responsibilities of drivers:

  • Respecting such terms and conditions as may be applied by the landowner or those acting on their behalf;
  • Complying with the terms and conditions governing permitted parking;
  • Paying the parking tariff (where applicable), and
  • Paying any parking charge legitimately issued, subject to the resolution of any relevant dispute/appeal.

Relevant Britannia Services

At Britannia Parking, we provide a comprehensive range of private car park management services, helping you to fully optimise the potential of your car park while freeing up time for you by taking care of its day-to-day running.

All of our services are fully bespoke, meaning that we can assess the needs of your space and provide a number of services that can help with the full scope of car parking needs.

Areas we can help with include but are not limited to:

  • ANPR (Automatic Numberplate Registration) Systems to ensure only the correct drivers are parking in your car park, freeing up space;
  • Issuing and collecting of PCNs (Parking Charge Notices), freeing up your time pursuing them yourself;
  • A range of security systems from manned patrols to CCTV and live tracking, and
  • Mobile phone integration.

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