Why You Should Choose a BPA-Approved Company to Manage Your Car Park

Why You Should Choose a BPA-Approved Company to Ma

Keeping your car park running smoothly is vital for any business but managing it on your own can be a big undertaking. That's where car park management companies come into play - they take care of all the admin, so you can focus on other aspects of your business. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the right one?

Well, that's where the British Parking Association (BPA) comes in.

The BPA is the leading industry body for the parking sector in the UK, with over 750 members including local councils, private parking companies, and suppliers in the parking space. Their mission is to raise parking standards and promote best practices among both parking facility managers and drivers.

One way the BPA achieves this mission is through the Approved Operator Scheme (AOS), a programme for organisations managing parking on private land and unregulated public car parks. The AOS ensures these operators adhere to best practices in parking control and enforcement, including ticketing, clamping, and towing.

If you're researching a car park management company to oversee your site, choosing one accredited by the BPA can offer peace of mind and a host of operational benefits. Here's why:

1. Peace of Mind

BPA-approved operators are carefully vetted to ensure they meet high standards for professionalism, fair practices, and are following the latest guidelines. If an operator is proven to break the rules, they'll face temporary sanctions and could end up being suspended or even expelled from the programme.

By choosing a BPA-approved operator, you can be confident you're working with a business that operates to a high standard of service. This gives you peace of mind that your car park is in trusted hands.

2. Better Consumer Experience

Going with a BPA-approved company proves you're working with a reputable organisation that cares about treating car park visitors fairly.

The BPA has a code of conduct that includes clear signs, easy-to-understand ticketing, and a fair appeals process. This means a smoother experience for your customers and a better reputation for your car park.

3. Improved Safety

The BPA goes beyond safety standards in their code of conduct. They also manage the Safer Parking Scheme for the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). This scheme aims to make UK car parks safer, more secure, and better designed. Car Parks that meet the scheme's criteria earn the Park Mark Safer Parking Award. This award boosts your car park's reputation and makes customers feel safer, leading to increased revenue.

4. Expertise

Parking regulations and technology are constantly evolving, but you can trust BPA-approved companies to stay ahead of the curve. They're able to offer expert advice on everything from getting the most out of your parking space to using the latest technology like Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) for smooth enforcement. This translates to an efficient car park operation that boosts revenue, improves safety, and keeps you up to date.

5. Reduced Risk and Liability

Partnering with a BPA-approved company can help mitigate risks associated with car park management. Their expertise in areas like signage, maintenance, and enforcement can help prevent accidents and potential legal issues.

Get Peace of Mind With Britannia Parking's BPA-Approved Management Services

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