ANPR for Harpers Steakhouse, Southampton

Find out how we helped Harper's Steakhouse to gain back control of their car park through ANPR technology

Harper’s Steakhouse is an upmarket pub, hotel and restaurant complex in the port city of Southampton. While their business benefits from harbourside trade and the resulting high footfall, in the last few months tourists have been using Harper’s as a free and conveniently located place to park up for the day, as they visit the nearby marina.

This began to affect the business negatively, as patrons couldn’t secure a space – deterring them from visiting now or in the future. Management sought the help of Britannia Parking to bring the situation back under control.

What Car Park Management Solutions did we offer?

By introducing Automatic Numberplate Registration (ANPR) on entry to the car park, and allowing patrons of the pub, restaurant and hotel to register their plates via mobile, we were able to introduce free parking for patrons and paid parking for non-patrons.

This immediately acted as a deterrent for non-patrons, especially as the charges were structured relatively expensively – not so expensive that it warded them off completely, but high enough to ensure a modest income from the spaces for the client.

Not only did this introduce a new revenue stream, but it freed up a large number of spaces for the patrons of Harper’s to use – and even better, encouraged the people who, in the past, used the car park for free, to become patrons of Harper’s to maintain this privilege. A win/win!


Feedback about the systems we implemented has been positive from all parties, with Harper’s themselves being impressed by the customer experience. Maintaining a convenient and unintrusive parking system is essential to ensuring that it still has use from both patrons and non-patrons alike – and thanks to Britannia, Harper’s will now benefit, no matter who parks.

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ANPR for Harpers Steakhouse, Southampton

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