Private Land Car Park Management

Private Land Car Park Management

At Britannia Car Park Management, we are experts in managing car parks of all shapes, sizes and purposes – including helping the owners of private car parks who are suffering from any of a wide range of car parking issues.

Whether you are the owner of a business or a service, a landowner or part of the local council, Britannia Car Park Management can offer bespoke solutions, as our highly experienced experts earn you back valuable time and money from your asset.

Private Land Car Park Services

Having been managing private car parks, amongst others, for over 25 years, at Britannia Car Park Management we often find similar problems across multiple private land clients.

Private car parks are essential for businesses and authorities to carry out their jobs effectively and efficiently, but if they are being misused by other drivers or businesses, it can lead to problems with staff accessing their offices and arriving on time.

Furthermore, when offices are within a busy area such as a city centre, it can mean that alternative parking options are expensive and difficult to find.

As well as this, if you have private land that you would like to monetise as a car park, or you have a private car park that suffers from misuse, we can provide a whole range of professional and tested solutions, as well as our experience and expertise, to get the very most out of your car park.

Private Land Car Park Solutions

It can be tiring and time consuming having to manage your own private car park, pursuing people for tickets and staying on top of maintenance and repair.

That’s why we offer the following solutions, to take the weight off your shoulders and put the revenue on the rise:

  • High-tec ANPR (Automatic Numberplate Registration) systems, that ensure only pre-registered and approved drivers are using the parking spaces in your car park
  • Bespoke security systems that take into account the unique specifications of your car park, using CCTV, live tracking and manned patrols if needed
  • Issuing of PCNs (Parking Charge Notices) to those who use your space without proper authorisation
  • Dealing with of all complaints, appeals and disputes
  • Mobile phone payment systems to make it easy and efficient to pay for parking

All of the above will save you time and money, which you can reinvest back into your car park or back into your life.

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At Britannia we have over 25 years of experience in the professional management of car parks for private owners. These include:

ANPR for Joint Use Car Park, near Bolton

Learn how Britannia improved the public car park serving the nearby pub and medical centre in Bolton to heighten security and increase revenue.

ANPR for Harpers Steakhouse, Southampton

Find out how we helped Harper's Steakhouse to gain back control of their car park through ANPR technology


We can offer bespoke solutions that will transform the revenue potential of your asset – just contact our friendly team today.