Car park management company

Working in Partnership

For over 25 years, we have helped investors, landowners and agents across the country transform their empty land by building and managing profitable car parks. Our professional, ethical and technology-led approach has earned us an outstanding reputation as one of the most trusted and reliable car park operators in the UK.

Our comprehensive car park development service takes care of everything, including sourcing and installing all services, equipment and technology. Once your car park is up and running, we can provide a full management service, which includes operating all equipment and technology, as well as providing regular reports that can help you understand your customer behaviour and inform your overall strategy.   

Most of our car parks can be developed with minimal financial investment from you, and you take an income from our capital expenditure. Developing and managing a car park with Britannia is a lucrative option for unused private land. 

To learn more about how our car park partnerships work, contact the Britannia team today and arrange your free, no obligation and confidential site survey.

Car park developer
Car park management company

Working With You

We take a tailored approach to each car park we establish, in order to create a solution that works for you, your land and your customers. 

At Britannia, we can provide the following services and technology:

  • Fully automated ANPR camera system
  • New payment terminals – pay and display, pay by phone, app etc.
  • British Parking Association (BPA) compliant signage
  • All necessary civil works
  • Operational support and ongoing management
Managed car park
Car parking management


Our fully integrated car park management system can help you with the challenge of understanding your customer behaviour. As part of working in partnership with Britannia, our system for monitoring and managing your land as a car park also includes a comprehensive suite of reports.

We can capture a huge amount of data on parking activity including:

  • Transactions – time of payments, duration bands, payment methods & providers
  • Occupancy levels throughout the day & night
  • Dwell times
  • Repeat vs new visitors
  • Total & average revenue per day and per transaction

The bespoke nature of our car park management service means we can provide you with daily, weekly, monthly or customised reporting to suit your needs. 

The car parks we develop prove so successful that many landowners choose to keep their car park operational rather than developing it further. A client in Essex partnered with us to establish a car park on an empty plot of land that was scheduled for development. They initially only planned to use the land as a car park temporarily, to generate an income while they waited for the other work to begin.

That was twelve years ago. The car park we developed and now manage has proved so successful that the client is happy to continue using the land for parking. 

If you’re interested in partnering with Britannia to transform otherwise empty land into a profitable car park, contact us today via our online contact form.