Double Yellow Lines on Cobblestone Street

Illegal and Unauthorised Parking

When on the road, vehicle owners are faced with many strictly enforced regulations, on things such as insurance, MOT, as well as parking too.

This is to ensure that the roads are safe and efficient to use for all drivers.

To enforce parking regulations, there are two types of charge one can receive when in violation of rules – with the difference being whether the driver has parked on private or public land.

When on public land, the vehicle owner will be cautioned for their illegal parking, and will be liable to receive a Penalty Charge Notice from their local authority.

When on private land, the vehicle owner will be cautioned for their unauthorised parking, and will be liable to receive a Parking Charge Notice from the site’s approved and registered Parking Management Company.

What is illegal parking?

Drivers are found to be breaking the law if they are parked in a vast array of public locations, with these restrictions indicated using lines on the road.

Vehicle owners are required to study the Highway Code as part of the official driving license exam and are therefore expected to understand what these lines, signs and notices mean.

The following locations are illegal to park on, and will be distinctly marked to show this:

  • Yellow lines (when they are active – differs per location)
  • On the carriageway or hard shoulder of a motorway, except in emergencies
  • Any type of pedestrian crossing
  • Zones in front of schools, and keep clear zones
  • Red lines, unless explicitly signposted as otherwise
  • Taxi bays, bus lanes, cycle lanes and more...
ANPR car park camera
Double Red and Yellow Road Lines

Unauthorised Parking on Private Property

Unauthorised parking on private property is not a criminal offence, and therefore your local authority and police force cannot help if members of the public are using the designated spaces at your retail or hospitality business - and at your personal residence too.

This can cause real problems for your staff and customers at work, as spaces are being taken from clients or customers who have the intention of visiting your premises and purchasing your services.

It can also prove to be a nightmare for you and your family to deal with at home.

Thankfully, working with a highly respected and fully authorised private Car Park Management company, such as Britannia Parking, can allow you to not only resolve the parking dispute, but optimise the spaces for further income.

How to stop unauthorised parking on your private property

As those partaking in unauthorised parking on your private property are not breaking criminal law, by looking to the private sector there are a number of steps you can take to protect your parking assets, as well as your sales and earning potential.

By enlisting the bespoke services of Britannia Parking, you allow us to help you enforce parking regulations on your private property.

We can do this by installing the ideal solutions for you, from clear and distinct signage that identifies your spaces as private and requiring authorisation, to intelligent ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Registration) systems that install safeguards to ensure only your clientele and/or staff are using your parking assets.

Signage clearly indicating the private nature of the parking space invoke the laws of contract and trespass – and anyone who parks in this space is assumed to be aware and in acceptance of the terms and conditions, which can include a Parking Charge Notice.

Britannia Parking can help you pursue any Parking Charge Notices that you issue in violation of your private parking regulations.

Choose Britannia Parking for your expert, bespoke Car Park Management

At Britannia Parking we are vastly experienced in the regulation and optimisation of car parks and parking spaces, whether you’re upgrading an existing car park or looking to develop and monetise some private land.

We provide bespoke solutions to all customers, meaning you can choose the best options to suit your business.

If our Car Park Management Solutions interest you, get in contact with our friendly team today.